2016-2017 University of Washington & China Medical Board - Applicant Information

发布人:管理员 发布日期:2016-06-10

Administrative Contact: Jennifer Tee (teej@uw.edu)


Faculty Scholars Program

UW priority selection criteria

1. Potential for strengthening global health at a Chinese University
2. Strong institutional support
3. Fit with UW Faculty interest
4. Focus on low and middle income countries outside of China

Total positions funded per year

2 (two)

Application deadline

July 15, 2016

Expected arrival on campus

Early January OR Early March 2017

Instruction starts

January 3 OR March 27 (arrival to UW will be two weeks prior)

Estimated time on campus

1 -2 Quarters / 3-6 months

Minimum Qualifications

Faculty position at Chinese university
Masters’ or PhD degree from an accredited university in the United States or its equivalent from a Chinese or other non-U.S. institution 
Good English language proficiency
Commitment to engage in research and projects with a focus on low and middle income countries (LMICs) outside of China
Research / Travel funds provided by home university to participate in research collaborations in LMIC countries outside of the U.S. or China (e.g. Africa, Southeast Asia)

Required application materials

Goal Statement: A goal statement is required, two pages maximum. Please include the following in your statement:
1) your plans for advancing global health at your university and more broadly in China 
2) your primary research, teaching and/or service interests
3) examples of your work in low or middle income countries outside of China or, if you have not worked outside of China, your work with marginalized Chinese populations or communities
4) your plans for engaging in project opportunities in low and middle income countries outside of China, including travel to one of these countries while at UW, and confirmation of financial support from your university.

Letters of Recommendation:  Three letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a person who holds a senior institutional leadership position at your University and is involved in global health.  Other letters can be from colleagues at your university or at an external institution working in partnership with your university. It is helpful, but not essential to include at least one letter from someone who is known by UW faculty. Letters should address how the authors envision your role and potential contributions in strengthening global health capacity at your university. They should also comment on your personal strengths and areas in which training and mentoring through the Faculty Scholars Program would be particularly beneficial. Letters from senior leaders at your university should include specific of institutional support that will be provided for you and for development of global health capacity, including support for travel to LMICs.
Curriculum Vitae (CV) is required.
English Proficiency:  An English language proficiency test is not required to participate in the Faculty Scholars Program.  However, as a self-assessment guide, we have listed below the scores that we generally require of our graduate students to be successful in our courses. The test can also be a good tool if you decide you would like to assess your English proficiency.


7.0 on the IELTS
92 on the TOEFLiBT
237 on the TOEFLC

580 on the TOEFL
90 on the MLT
65 on the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academics