Guangdong Key Laboratory of Medicine, Laboratory of Health Informatics

Last updated:2016-03-22 22:13:40

The Laboratory of Health Informatics was founded by the School of Public Health as the joint venture of the School of Information Science and Technology and the School of Geography and Planning of Sun Yat-sen University. Professor YuanTao Hao is now in charge of the laboratory. In January 2012, the Laboratory of Health Informatics was evaluated as the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Medicine by Guangdong Provincial Health Bureau.

The main research directions of the Center include: health information collection; database construction; information integration and sharing research; medical ‘big data’ analysis methods; standardization of health information systems; data mining and utilization of health information resources; and the establishment of an early warning and public health emergency response system and the study of coping strategies.

At present, the principal scientific research projects undertaken by the Center involve the national key science and technology programs of the 11th and 12th 5-year plan:  ‘The Integrated and Community-based Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS and HBV infection in Guangdong Province’.

Director, Prof. HAO Yuantao, Tel: 8620-87331587, Email: