Department of Maternal and Child Health

发布人:公共卫生学院 发布日期:2018-09-25

The Department of Maternal and Child Health was originally known as the Section of Children and Adolescent Health founded in the 1970s. Maternal and child health is one of the most important subjects in China because of its critical importance to the health of the general population. The basic goal is to promote health among women and children. While the theoretical basis of the discipline focuses on child and adolescent health and developmental pediatrics, the discipline as a whole is committed to develop a wide range of talents who dedicate to furthering the science of maternal and child health and / or applying existing and new knowledge to the field.
The affiliated faculty come from different disciplines including medical, social, and natural sciences. At present, there are four professors (including full-time and part-time), five associate professors, one advanced lecturer, three lecturers, and one technician in the department. For many years, the main focus of our department has been the physical and mental development characteristics and the corresponding mechanisms of children and adolescents. Our research team has an established reputation for the prevention, treatment and management of mental health among children and adolescents. Systematic detection and intervention methods for child development and behavioral disorders have been established in Guangdong and used for reference by other provinces in the mainland China.
We provide bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs with majors in Maternal and Child Health and also an undergraduate minor in Medical Psychology. There are one to two doctoral students, 20 to 25 master students (including MPH), and 15 to 20 undergraduate students enrolled in the maternal and child health programs each year. We also train 20 to 30 students in the minor course of medical psychology each year.
The department offers 12 courses for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses include Child and Adolescent Health, Child Health Care, Women’s Health Care, Maternal and Child Psychology, Behavioral Medicine, Women and Children Informatics, Developmental Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Nursing Psychology, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Prenatal and Postnatal Care, and Undergraduate Psychophylaxis. The Child and Adolescence Health course has been selected as the ‘Excellent Course’ in Sun Yat-Sen University.
Over the past five years, our department has been recognized for many achievements including participation in the research projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund and National Key Scientific Project of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period, publishing dozens of academic papers, and gaining the Song Ching-ling Foundation Pediatrics Award. The faculty members have also been involved in editing more than ten appointed textbooks and monographs.
We has developed close cooperation with different universities in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macao in relevant fields. For many years, faculty have been involved in guiding the Guangdong Province “Well-being of Women and Children Project”, helping built the “Child Mental Health Care Model” at all levels of maternal and child health service centers in Guangdong province, and training professionals in maternal and child health in the national and provincial continuing medical education programs. Two decades ago, the department established the research and experimental teaching demonstration program through the Center of Constitution and Behavioral Health for Children and Adolescences. With regard to clinical work, the department has worked for more than ten years together with experts in the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University to found the first domestic Child Development and Behavior Center, which has provided services for over 25,000 children and built up a positive reputation.

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