Center of Inspection and Quarantine

发布人:公共卫生学院 发布日期:2018-09-25

In 2008 the School of Public Health began to enroll graduates in a new major, Health Inspection and Quarantine. To date 132 students have been prepared in this new major. In response to the popularity of this discipline, the Center of Inspection and Quarantine was founded in 2011 under the direction of Prof. Jiahai Lu and Prof. Huabin Li who serve as the director and deputy director of the Center, respectively. The new undergraduate major of Health Inspection and Quarantine was fully approved by the Ministry of Education and Sun Yat-sen University in 2014. In the autumn of 2015, the Center of Inspection and Quarantine enrolled its first cohort of undergraduate students. The principal goal of the new major is “to strengthen port quarantine and to ensure border security.” The purpose is to equip students with leadership skills through improving their professional and practical skills related to inspection and quarantine.  This is done primarily through collaboration with local agencies responsible for the inspection and quarantine systems.
In the Center of Inspection and Quarantine, there are two professors with doctoral advisor’s qualifications, two lecturers, and one technician. There are also 22 other health inspection and quarantine experts who come from the Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and similar Bureaus; they have been appointed to be part-time master supervisors. In this manner, an effective collaborative training model designed to promote high-level skills among the students has been established.
The Center of Inspection and Quarantine plans to offer courses for undergraduate students to include Introduction of Health Quarantine, Port Inspection and Quarantine Practices, Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Bacteriological Analysis, Virology Test, Cosmetics Test, and related subjects. Moreover, the Center is now offering courses for postgraduate students including those related to Modern Health Inspection and Quarantine as well as Laboratory Quality Management.
The faculties of the Center of Inspection and Quarantine have established several appropriate research fields including those related to Emerging Infectious Diseases, Food Safety, and New Techniques and Methods for Health Inspection among others. Over the past three years, the staff of the Center have presided over seven projects, among which four have been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one by the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, one by the Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province, and one by the Medical Science and Technology Major Project of Guangzhou. More than 70 papers have been published in national and international journals; 10 textbooks and monographs have also been published. Additionally, members of the Center have served as subeditors and editorial board members and they have published textbooks on Health Inspection and Quarantine (the 1st and 2nd editions, People's Health Press).
In 2014, the first “One Health Center of Excellence for Research & Training” in China was established in the Center of Inspection and Quarantine with a focus on three aspects of health: Zoonosis Diseases, Food Safety, and Environmental Health. The “One Health Center of Excellence for Research & Training” is dedicated to combining human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental science in order to improve human and animal survival and quality of life. In 2014, China’s first International Symposium for One Health Research (ISOHR) was held.

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