Research Center of Health Informatics, Sun Yat-sen University

发布人:公共卫生学院 发布日期:2018-09-25

In response to the development needs of national and provincial health information, the Research Center of Health Informatics (the Center) was established as a school-wide research institute by Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in April 2005. The main support unit of the Center is the SYSU School of Public Health; other support units include SYSU’s School of Information Science and Technology and School of Geography and Planning. The founding director of the Center was Professor Jiqian Fang; the current director is Professor Yuantao Hao.
The main research directions of the Center include:
1) health information collection;
2) database construction;
3) information integration; and
4) collaborative research.
Principal techniques include:
1) use of medical ‘big data’ analysis methods;
2) standardization of health information systems; and
3) data mining and utilization of health information resources as well as
4) the establishment of a public health early warning and emergency response system; and
5) the study of coping strategies.
At present, the scientific research projects undertaken by or participated in by the Center include:
1) the EU Sixth Research Framework Program funded project, ‘Quality of Care and Quality of Life for People with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities: Integrated Living, Social Inclusion and Service’; and
2) a number of collaborative research projects with the government:
A) ‘the establishment and evaluation of an assessment system for the capability of public health emergency response in Guangdong province’;
B) the national key science and technology programs of the 11th and 12th 5-year plan; and
C) ‘The Integrated and Community-based Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS and HBV infection in Guangdong Province’.
In 2009, the project entitled ‘Development and application of series instruments for measuring health-related quality of life’ led by Professor Yuantao Hao won second prize in the Guangdong Science and Technology Award Program (No. B13-0-2-03).

Director, Prof. HAO Yuantao, Tel: 8620-87331587, Email: