Sun Yat-sen Center for Migrant Health Policy

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The Sun Yat-sen Center for Migrant Health Policy (CMHP) is a multidisciplinary research institution of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), Guangzhou, China. Funded by the China Medical Board (CMB) and supported by Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), the CMHP was founded on November 13th, 2009, with the participation of the School of Public Health, the School of Business, the School of Government, and the School of Sociology and Anthropology, SYSU. On November 17th, 2012, the CMHP was honored to be named the “China Medical Board Collaborating Program in Migrant Health Policy at Sun Yat-sen University”.

Diversified research backgrounds, multidisciplinary perspectives, and multilateral cooperation are the characteristics of CMHP. In keeping with its motto, “Improving Migrant Health, Promoting Social Stability,” CMHP aims to take a leading role and to act as a hub for research, communication and policy advocacy on issues relating to health and migration in China.

CMHP is comprised of observers, council members, members of the consultative committee and academic committee, the center director, core research team members, and project members. The team is continuously extended by Seed Recruitment Fund Projects, introducing visiting professors and researchers, attracting visiting scholars, and cultivating young scholars. Regular training programs are carried out to reinforce team capability including training for excellent young scholars and training for team members by invited experts at home and abroad.

Since founded, CMHP has won 35 grants with 2.39 million yuan in total, including grants from CMB, the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Medical Research Committee of England (MRC), other governmental agencies, and Sun Yat-sen University. The research orientations include: (1) Health care needs and utilization of medical services for the migrant populations; (2) Medical security and aid system; and (3) The actualization and evaluation of health policy.

Based on previous investigations and researches, CMHP has launched a series of in-depth studies on migrant population, which include: (1) The fifth national health service investigation: health status and health service investigation among city migrant populations; (2) Occupational health and safety behavior intervention among migrant workers in small and medium-sized enterprises of Guangdong Province; (3) Health demands research among migrant populations from Africa in Guangdong Province; and (4) Smoking control trials among migrant populations.

From 2009 to 2015, CMHP has published 70 papers, 25 post-doctoral outbound reports and graduate theses, and 3 monographs about migrant populations.

CMHP maintains a close relationship with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, the University of North Carolina, and other research institutions. CMHP has organized 4 international meetings and 2 parallel sessions of international meetings, actively participated in international and national meetings, and given lectures at these meetings. These activities contribute to a more intimate exchange between CMHP members and experts from all over the world, which improve the academic level of CMHP members and expand the reach and academic influences of CMHP. CMHP seeks collaborators including NGOs interested in research and policy consultancy on public health and health policy for migrants. 
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